Refrigeración Polar s.a. is reference in the supermarket industry for its extensive experience in the sector. This story is based on the quality of the work done and the after sales service provided.
Our proposal is to provide comprehensive solutions and Overcoming from the experience we have in the industry and with the incorporation of technology worldwide.
In Refrigeración Polar s.a. ,we are able to provide all types of solutions in the industry. The meat industry deserves special attention, because here the little details so forceful impact on product quality.
Our products and services are ready to meet those needs with emphasis on small technical details that make the final result expected.
The cooling is present in most industrial processes, It is why Refrigeración Polar s.a. offers an answer to your products and services. Which are specially designed for every need.
What can provide a specific solution.
Refrigeration systems for processing fruits and vegetables in the post-harvest special necessarily because they must take into account many variables that impact significantly on the final product quality.
Variables such as the fragility of the product freezing time, the atmosphere and humidity control, among others. Refrigeracion Polar s.a. offers its products and services to cater to the agricultural sector as it deserves, with the highest commitment.
The pharmaceutical industry deserves a completely appropriate for your needs. Refrigeracion Polar s.a. understands this problem and always seeks to provide solutions to those items ready systems never fail.
The facilities that the company takes into account top quality equipment and turn back up teams which provide an assurance of stable and continuous cold.